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Spotify playlist limit

Spotify playlist limit

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Unfortunately last night I hit the song mark and it won't let me add any more songs to the playlist:. Spotify please increase to limit of the. I'm not aware of a maximum number of playlists; however, you can only sync up to 3, songs per device on up to three devices. If those are all albums, assuming an average of 12 per album, you'd be running very close to the limit, so I suspect you've actually simply hit the track limit rather than a playlist limit. Re: Limit to add songs on playlist. It's about 10, tracks per playlist, so please add away.

I have a premium account and I currently have public playlists. But 18 of them doesn ' t show on my profile, the oldest 18 of them to be. That is treated like just another playlist with the same 10, limit. The general 10, limit and per device limit of 3, is so that heavy users are unable to stream massive amounts of different music. Spotify actually limits the number of songs that you can have in your library but according to this limitation only affects some 1% of users.

Yes, the limit is 10 and has been there for a long time. (Worth mentioning that the limit for number of saved tracks and albums is also I just discovered the hard way that Spotify has a song limit to “Your If you think that's bad, Amazon Music has a playlist limit of only I noticed that I just managed to go over the 10k cap with a playlist, but it seems to stop at 11k. Is this a new thing? I can't find anyone who. As much as Apple Music raises Spotify's track limit tenfold, it's not a However, when I tried Spotify in (mainly to access a playlist that was.


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